Dr Julio Galvan Salvatierra acquired his Doctorate at Laval University in Quebec City in 2014. He then joined the dental clinic of two colleagues which gave him the opportunity to practice in Outaouais.

 In 2001, Dr Galvan received his first dental medicine diploma at the San Martin de Pores University in Peru. His studies along with his 2-year long internship with the Peruvian air force, has allowed him to develop clinical and theoretical skills in orthodontics.

 Truly passionate about dental medicine, his training at Laval University allowed him to discover prosthodontics, a new found passion. His keen interest in this field encourages him to further his knowledge towards rehabilitations on implants.

 Always aiming to offer the very best care, Dr Galvan continues his training. In fact, he has completed a 2-year specific program in orthodontics at the International Dental Institute (IDI).

 In 2017, he becomes the owner of his very own dental clinic, a dream come true! Known for his compassionate, respectful and empathetic approach, Dr Galvan’s goal is to offer the very best treatment for his patients.


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